Become a steward!

Being a Steward is a hard but very rewarding job. No pay but the thanks of your coworkers and the knowledge that you have helped protect the rights that so many workers before us have fought for. The sacrifices of a Steward can only be understood by those who have been or are a Steward, but it is well worth the time and effort!

If you would like to become a Steward, please contact us to send an e-mail describing your reasons for wanting to become a steward, any interests you have in particular areas (ULP's, DTB's, OWCP, MSPB, AIB's, Grievances, etc.), any experience you may have had in the past (we are grateful for all who volunteer, those with no experience are just as welcome to volunteer), your job title, your work site (Reno VA, VBA, outlying location, CBOC, etc.), and the department in which you work. Once we receive your email, we will forward the Steward application form to you and schedule a time to meet.

A Steward is expected to:

  1. Represent all workers in the bargaining unit fairly and without discrimination.
  2. Act as the primary contract enforcer and work to make management live up to the contract.
  3. Attempt to resolve problems before a worker is adversely affected or before the situation escalates to a grievance.
  4. Listen to employee complaints; investigate, prepare, present, and write grievances, unfair labor practice complaints (ULPs), and other representational documents.
  5. Answer any questions a bargaining unit member may have or refer them to another steward or officer that can answer their questions.
  6. Develop relationships of respect and trust among the membership.
  7. Work to develop open communication with supervisors.
  8. Encourage members to take an interest in the Union and participate in their Union.
  9. Attend monthly meetings as frequently as possible.