Helpful Union Documents

AFGE-VA Master Agreement (Contract, Green Book, Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA))

2011 AFGE-VA Master Agreement


 The Hatch Act - A Pocket Guide to Political Activities by Federal Employees.

AFGE Constitution

Electronic copy of AFGE National Constitution

Leave and Disability Documents

FMLA Certification form - useful if you have a chronic or temporary disability that will require you to be away from work for a long period, or chronic   periods of time (Example: the birth of a child, or a disability that flares up).

Reasonable Accommodation Request Form - useful for those who need a special kind of chair, or a different job or work environment (Example: Allergies to the gloves carried requires that an employee have a special kind of glove).

Application To Become a Leave Recipient - If you are experiencing a temporary emergency or a shortage of leave during an FMLA absence, this program will allow your coworkers to donate leave to you.

Leave Donation Form - This form will allow you to donate A/L leave to a coworker or union member in need.

OWCP Documents

What A Federal Employee Should Do When Injured At Work

Common Mistakes Made by Federal Employees When Filing OWCP Claims

CA-1 - The most important form to fill out if you have been injured on the job. This form MUST be turned in within 30 days of your injury to receive Continuation Of Pay (COP).

CA-7 - If you have lost pay, or are requesting any other form of compensation, this is the form to fill out.

CA-7a - If your compensation request includes lost time, fill this out, explaining your hours of work and the time you have lost.

CA-7b - If you are trying to buy back leave that you used for a work-related injury, fill out this form.

CA-17 - If you have suffered a serious injury and need light duty or time off from work, this form needs to be filled out by the diagnosing physician

CA-20 - This also needs to be filled out by the physician who sees you for your work-related injury. 

CA-35 - This checklist will help you return the proper information with your CA-2 for a work related illness or disease (for instance hearing loss, pulmonary, eyesight, Asbestosis).