AFGE Local 2152 Frequently AskeD Questions (FAQs)

What is AFGE Local 2152's Mission Statement?

Our Mission is:

1. We work to improve the personal and professional lives of our members and to improve working conditions at the Reno VA Medical Center, Reno VBA, and the community based outpatient clinics located in: Auburn, Fallon, Minden, Susuanville, and Winnemucca.

2. We work to uphold the Master Agreement, Federal Labor Laws, and represent hard-working government employees. 

3. We lobby members of Congress on issues that only Congress controls for the betterment of Government Workers.

Who Does AFGE Local 2152 Represent?

We represent all bargaining unit members who work for the VHA in Reno, Auburn, Fallon, Carson Valley, Susanville, and Winnemucca, and the Reno VBA employees.

How Many Employees Are Members of AFGE Local 2152?

Well over half of eligible bargaining unit employees at the facilities we represent are now AFGE members. Currently, we have between approximately 700-800 members. We work to add more members every day!

Will AFGE Local 2152 Represent Me If I Am Not a Member?

Our leadership and stewards are passionate about employee rights. We spend our free time helping our fellow employees out of a desire to see the freedoms that were won by the long toils of the generations before us (and the current generation that continues to fight to maintain those rights). If you are not a member, while we hope you will consider joining, we will still represent you to the best of our ability, ensuring your rights are respected.

Are There Advantages to Joining the Union?

Besides knowing that you are supporting your fellow employees, working for at the nation level for legislation that protects your employee benefits, contributing to the strength of our local and our ability to help each other, and joining a community of people willing to help you at a moments notice, there are many AFGE member benefits. You will have access to:

  • General Membership Meetings - a good time to get information about the local. These occur at 5 pm (1700) on the third Wednesday of every month in the Tahoe Room at VA SNHCS (5th floor, purple elevators).
  • National Union benefits and AFGE Benefits Page insurance, discounts, loans, vacations, other programs. For more information, please feel free to text our Benefits Representative (Paul Brown): (702) 204-0082‬.
  • Local Union benefits - We have negotiated at the local level for our members (currently under construction)
  • The support and representation of local Union leadership and stewards.
  • 24-7 help from someone in the Union (yes, non-members can use this as well)

Can I Become A Steward?

To be a Steward you must be a current AFGE Local 2152 member in good standing. For more information check out our Become a Steward page.

Additionally, some folks may be interested in working with us in a capacity other than a Shop Steward. If you would like to volunteer to help support our mission in some other capacity, please contact a Local Officer for possible alternative opportunities.