John Copeland, Local President

Local 2152 President John Copeland has been a Federal employee since 1997 and served in the Army from 1981-1984. 

John has been Local 2152's President since June 2009 and has gone through extensive training for Union work during that time. His training includes: Basic Mediator Training, 2011 Master Agreement Training, Formally trained by AFGE in MSPB, FLRA, EEO, Financial Officiers, and New Leaders. 

He has also been awarded by the National AFGE for his grassroots efforts at organizing local grassroots activities. He is very invovled locally with Reno labor organizations, focused on local issues. His passion for representing Local 2152 members is only exceeded  by his commitment to universal worker rights.

John Copeland can be reached 24/7 by phone or e-mail. Call him at (775) 742-9050. John may be reached by email at